About us

The Fly-Kenya.Com was first time created in 2009. When I came in 2008 to the Highlands of Kenya I knew that this is a jewel to explore. It was impressive to stand at the edge of a sidearm of the Great Rift Valley. Watching the birds and the landscape.

Within the following years I visited many places you can't book in any travel agency.

Many of them YOU can visit with us

Our vision

To be providers of exceptional and personalized service, exceeding expectations, and inspiring a connection to our brand in the experience we provide.

Core values

With Fly-Kenya.Com, our core values are the principles that guide, motivate and inspire us as we bring our mission to life. These core values describe ‘how’ we do what we do and they are the very essence of our existence.

  1. Creating memorable experience: By offering exceptional personalized customer services. Our customers are our focal point and their satisfaction our driving force
  2. Satisfaction for the customer: “what we promise is what we deliver”. We are honest and straight forward in our interactions with our guests, colleagues and the community in which we operate in. We conduct our business in the most professional way and ensure we have complied with all the laws of Kenya at all times.
  3. Responsible prices: We strive to achieve continuous growth in the tourism industry and try to bring you best offers