The Team

Walter HABA

Walter HABA is an Austria who lives in the Highlands of Kenya. His interest in different cultures brought him     once in this area.

Joyce Mwangi

Joyce is professional cyclist who has a passion for cycling.
Her slim tall stature automatically tells she is a sportsperson.
She is already showing encouraging performances in the few events she has taken part.
The amount of determination clearly shows in her face when she seeks advice on how to go about the sport,     be it on/off the bike.
Going by her past life, she has been an active sportswoman since she was in both primary and high school as she used to run in the short distance races     i.e. 200m and 400m hits.
Due to her love for cycling, she has decided to shift her energies into a sport taken by very few ladies especially in Kenya.
Joyce is very ambitious and optimistic that she has what it takes to succeed in this discipline and also to do her best for the clients.